Growstone was founded in New Mexico in 2008 by eco-preneurs who saw the catastrophic damage strip-mining for products like perlite and Hydroton do to the earth.

Growstones are green from start to finish. Even our kiln is eco-friendly using no excess water. And no long distance shipping from overseas is involved in our process further reducing our carbon footprint.

Growstones are proudly manufactured in the USA not only sustaining the environment, but helping to sustain the American worker and the American way of life.

CEO: Mike Langone 

Prior to joining Growstone, Mike was President of Peyote Bird Designs, a nationally known jewelry design and manufacturing company known for its earth and nature themes. Under his skilled leadership, Peyote Bird Design grew to a global organization of 110 employees with sales of $28M through his managed growth of 35% over multiple years. To help facilitate this long-term, sustained growth, Mike believes in thinking big but acting small. His motto: It takes a lot of small steps to make big happen.

Before Peyote Bird Designs, Mike was a Senior Finance Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation. There he managed finance and accounting staffs for two regional manufacturing facilities in the Southwest and Mexico. This experience created a solid financial foundation for all his business and entrepreneurial endeavors.

As a seasoned marathon runner, Mike has learned the value of focusing on long term goals and employing those strategies and inner resources to achieve them. He knows the wisdom of pacing and planning, and possesses the discipline that takes a long-distance runner and Chief Executive beyond perceived obstacles and limitations all the way to success. In short, Mike understands the wisdom of perseverance, performance and the power of people. As a thoughtful, organized and hands-on leader, he believes he has earned his success through education, experience, and strength of knowledge.  As a leader, he inspires confidence and strong commitment by building and supporting people through coaching and mentoring. The result: A team that has the ability to make decisions and take ownership.

As committed as Mike is to his business and leadership roles, he believes the most important job of all is as husband and father of his two daughters, Sara and Rachel.  He has lived in Santa Fe with his family for the last 22 years and is an active member of the social as well as business communities. You can find him running beneath the big blue New Mexican skies when he is not busy running Growstone.

LOCATION: Albuquerque, NM