Motion Math Brings Latest Title, Motion Math Zoom, to the App Store!

App Takes iPad Users on an Animal Adventure Through the World of Numbers.


Motion Math, a pioneer of intuitive and interactive mobile math games, is proud to announce its Motion Math Zoom App for iPad is now available on the App Store. Motion Math Zoom teaches children place value – a fundamental concept underlying children’s mental computation, numerical estimation and quantitative judgment. iPad’s large, Multi-Touch display lets children physically interact with the app by simply pinching to zoom in and out of the number line. Different size animals represent numbers, from amoebas in the thousandths to dinosaurs in the thousands.


“To a child learning decimals, the difference between 8, .8, and .08 is confusing,” said Gabriel Adauto, cofounder of Motion Math. “Motion Math Zoom is an engaging and fun way for kids to learn these crucial differences. Mastery of the number line has proven to be an essential foundation for math achievement, and by playing Motion Math Zoom, kids can develop an intuitive sense for the number line and place value.”


Features of the Motion Math Zoom App include: 


24 levels of fun. Children can learn numbers up to 1,000. More advanced learners can unlock negatives, decimals, and challenge levels with time pressure and fake outs.


Learning outcomes: Children will learn the location of numbers (natural numbers, negatives and decimals) on the number line.  Children will master place value from the thousandths to the thousands, and build a strong conceptual model of place value (rather than a purely procedural one).  Additionally, the game allows children to build skill in comparing numbers.


Free basic levels; unlock all 24 levels through In-App Purchase for an introductory price of $3.99.



The Motion Math Zoom App is available for free from the App Store on iPad or at






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