Industry: Financial Collaboration Software


In financial collaboration software, we invest in companies that solve business problems through innovative technology solutions that do the following:

  • Create efficiencies and economies of scale through automation of manual processes.
  • Enable collaboration between business partners to create efficiency, reduce costs, and generate revenue.
  • Increase access and transparency by bringing coherence, availability, credibility and a transactional element to information exchange.
  • Create loyalty through highly engaging and easy to use software platform.
  • Provide new or better distribution channels.


C2FO is an online exchange where companies meet to optimize working capital flows and costs during daily market-clearing events, Balance is a cloud-based platform for personal finance professionals to collaborate with their clients in a highly efficient and engaging manner, Shareholder InSite provides companies and investors a central, trustworthy repository for shareholder data and tools to efficiently analyze and maintain such information, and Bison provides a common platform for alternative investment fundraising that radically cuts costs and increases transparency.