Motion Math creates mobile math game suites that are rigorously educational, stylish, and awesomely fun. Our first suite is centered on number sense, the fundamental understanding of quantity, estimation, place value, and mental arithmetic.
Co-founder: Jacob Klein
Jacob Klein is a media producer, educator, and software developer. He’s earned several Stanford degrees: a B.S. in Symbolic Systems, a Master’s in Learning, Design, and Technology, and a hearty pat on the back from the Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship. Jacob won a Loeb (business journalism’s highest award) for a seven-part Lehrer NewsHour series he co-produced and edited; as an educator, Jacob tutored students in math and writing, and taught at a KIPP charter school. He’s excited to build Motion Math into a company that can provide many playful, rigorous learning experiences that inspire and delight.
Location: San Francisco, CA

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