Industry: B2B/B2B2C technology platforms

In B2B/B2B2C technology platforms we invest in companies that solve business problems through innovative technology solutions that do the following:

    • Create efficiencies and economies of scale through automation of manual processes.
    • Enable collaboration between business partners to create efficiency, reduce costs, and generate revenue.
    • Increase access and transparency by bringing coherence, availability, credibility and a transactional element to information exchange.
    • Create loyalty through highly engaging and easy to use software platform.
    • Provide new or better distribution channels.


Trapit is a virtual personal assistant for web content that enables publishers to sell content on a highly targeted basis to consumers, Everloop is a COPPA-compliant, safe online social environment for tweens that allows corporate sponsors to build loyalty through engaging, branded “loops” (online communities and games), Motion Math offers highly engaging, educational games for children on IOS devices that are paid for by parents but also supported by schools and technology companies seeking a presence in childhood education.